Weekly Wrap-Up 9/26: Similac Recall, Formula Facts, Nursing Bra Art, Fab Spa Night & Benefit!

By Elita of Blacktating.com for the Best for Babes Foundation ©2010

This week nothing had more people buzzing than the recall of over 5 million cans of Similac infant formula after it was discovered that beetles may have gotten into some of the powdered formula manufactured at their Michigan plant. The Similac recall is not a joking matter, and our hearts go out to the families affected. However, it is an opportunity to point out that parents should be given all of the information before making the decision to formula feed. How many parents were aware that a formula recall was even a possibility? And is it really a choice if parents aren’t fully aware of all of the risks of formula, or have fallen for incredibly savvy and aggressive formula marketing?

This is why I loved a recent post on Yahoo! news entitled Ten Things You May Not Know About Baby Formula. Just like the myths surrounding breastfeeding abound, most people don’t know some basic facts about formula, including that powdered formula isn’t sterile, the cans are lined with BPA and the dangers of plant estrogens in soy formula. It’s important to empower parents with accurate information, not formula company marketing and spin.

Speaking of which, should formula be available by prescription only? That is the belief of a breastfeeding advocate and doctor in Australia. Are women more likely to ditch breastfeeding if the cans of formula are available at the drug store? Or is a prescription an undue hardship families? What do you think?

The Ministry of Health in Jamaica has a new campaign to promote breastfeeding…..to siblings! Books were passed out to school-aged children, showing how they can support their mom to breastfeeding by completing their chores at home. Brilliant!

And how’s this for some cheeky fun? The founder of an online maternity store created a nursing bra made completely out of formula can scoopers. The piece of art is up for a World of Wearable Art award.

Our fabulous Deva Spa Event / Fundraiser hosted by Fit Pregnancy and Big City Moms is only a few days away, and it’s not too late to register or come.   For just $35 you can donate to a great cause and get all your breastfeeding questions answered, get a chance to win awesome prizes, and take home an outrageous goodybag.   In honor of the event, this week on our Facebook fan paged we acknowledged how important it is to nurture the nurturer, and asked you what you’re doing to take care of yourselves. You were overheard saying…

Catherine Eslinger: I nap with my toddler–nap time is sacred!

Melinda Jantzi Quinlan: I started running this summer & have my 1st race scheduled for November!

Jennifer Kious: Um… I take a shower? Right now with 5 kids, one of which is a newborn, taking a shower is about the extent of it.

3 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-Up 9/26: Similac Recall, Formula Facts, Nursing Bra Art, Fab Spa Night & Benefit!

  1. coming from a currently breastfeeding mom, i actually find the notion that women/mothers formula feed due to ignorance and advertising offensive!! i was forced to formula feed my first son due to PIH (pregnancy induced hypertension) that did not go away after he was born, and resulted in me being put on medication which immediately dried up the very little amount of milk i was producing. i had no choice!! my second son was born, no issues, milk came pouring into my body less than 24 hrs. after he was born & i probably have enough to feed 3 children now!! lol the funny thing is i never considered i would have to formula feed my first son, i took for granted the ability to breastfeed! i was not so lucky & quite frankly was devastated by the judgement of other moms for having to do so. so, my opinion is that we stop judging eachother so much & we feed our children how we see fit. while i do think that encouragement & education are important for new moms in helping them to breastfeed, i also think the education of the breastfeeding coalition(s) in non-judgement would be equally as valid & important! thank you for reading my opinion.


    1. Colette, you didn’t have a choice, so what we wrote doesn’t apply to you. We were NOT talking about the mothers for whom supplementing or formula-feeding is a necessity, not a choice. And we couldn’t agree more that moms don’t need judgment, pressure, or guilt, it’s set in stone in our credo (see our home page!) and we’ve been leading the breastfeeding movement in pushing that message into the mainstream media. Congratulations on giving your best to all of your children!


  2. I am a breastfeeding mama! I not only felt instinctively the importance of breastfeeding, but I educated myself so that I’d have a defense for the hoards of those against my efforts. Both my ex and my current bf were not on my breastfeeding bandwagon. Apparently, their mothers find it a bit gross and have spread the opinion that formula is just fine. Going so far to explain the recipe of homemade formula they concocted for their sons. I am working a job where pumping is not an option. So, while I tried (despite their disgust) to supply my own milk…I was forced to supplement with formula. I KNOW my milk production suffered…but I quietly nursed my baby as often as possible while I was home. He was irritated with me…but I kept on. Now, I produce plenty of milk despite the one or two feedings he gets while I’m at work. AND! I have had the pleasure of witnessing my baby’s gratitude. I got off work and walked into his grandma’s house after he had just started on a 4 oz. bottle (formula grosses me out). I sat next to him and watched for a second. He squirmed to look at me and rejected the bottle! HA! He knows the value of real vs. imitation!


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