Weekly Wrap-Up 8/21: Breastfeeding Mishaps, Banning the Bags & Religious Fasting

By Elita of Blacktating.com for the Best for Babes Foundation ©2010

Have boobs will sag? A new study revealed that as many as half of all women age 18-25 don’t plan on breastfeeding because they don’t want their breasts to sag. Numerous studies have already shown it’s actually pregnancy that causes saggy boobs, not nursing. How can we spread the word and let young women know their breasts (and vanity) will still be in tact if they choose to nurse? And that even if breastfeeding did ruin breasts it would still be worth it?

Have you ever had an embarrassing breastfeeding mishap? This week actress and model Ali Landry revealed how hers cost her thousands of dollars. While pumping gas, Ali’s baby began to fuss so she got in the car to nurse her. Her husband assumed she was finished pumping, got in the car and drove off, taking the gas hose with him. Oops!

In the mood for a real tear jerker? Check out this wonderful story of a mom whose preemie was suffering from necrotizing entercolitis and whose life was literally saved by breast milk. The donor mom had already lost her own preemie to the same disease, but one family’s tragedy was another family’s blessing. Although the circumstances are tragic, we’re so pleased to see more parents are insisting on breast milk for their premature babies.

We’ve never liked those formula-filled diaper bags you get upon discharge from the hospital, and it looks like some hospitals in England agree: from now on, moms who are choosing to formula feed will have to bring their own. Now that more hospitals are becoming certified as Baby Friendly, we should see this trend continue.

This week, Muslims around the world celebrated Ramadan, a religious holiday that includes fasting. There has always been the question of whether or not it’s safe for nursing or pregnant moms to fast. Here’s some practical advice from an IBCLC.

In light of more moms being kicked out of or asked to leave public places this week for breastfeeding, it’s even more important that moms feel welcome to nurse in public. LOVE this sign spotted in the Lawrence Public Library. I’ve blogged before about the great signs at the Chicago Children’s Museum. Have you spotted these signs anywhere in your neighborhood?

This week on our Facebook page, we asked you, “I planned to breastfeed for _____, but actually breastfed for_____” and you were overheard saying….

Claire Mogol: I planned to breastfeed for 6 months (exclusively), but actually breastfed for two years and four months… and still going 🙂

Jessica Delancey: One day at a time …. over 3 yrs and counting…

Rebecca Clark: I planned to breastfeed till they were in college but they weaned after age three 😦

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