Weekly Wrap Up July 10: Nurse-ins, breastfeeding curriculum & uses for freezer stash


By Elita of Blacktating.com; for the Best for Babes Foundation ©2010

Today was another scorcher in Florida, but that didn’t stop about 20 mothers from holding a nurse-in at an Orlando area park to protest after a lifeguard asked a group of breastfeeding mothers to cover up or leave last week. The mothers involved say they have received an apology and today’s nurse-in was to raise awareness of a woman’s legal right to breastfeed in public in Florida.

You may know Candice Michelle as the hot chick from the “Go Daddy” commercials, but she’s also a new mom to one-month-old AkiAnne. Candice opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her planned home birth, losing the baby weight and her breastfeeding goals. Candice says she’s aiming for 6 months of the liquid gold, but her husband would like to see her go a whole year! Yay for supportive breastfeeding Dads!

Photo courtesy InfantRisk Center
Have you ever been sick while pregnant or nursing and wondered what you could take that was safe for your baby? Perhaps you have a chronic condition that requires you to be on medication that you’re not sure is compatible with breastfeeding or contraindicated in pregnancy. Dr. Thomas Hale has always been the go-to resource when it comes to assessing the safety of medicine for nursing moms and in addition to his books, he has created the InfantRisk Center, where moms and their doctors can get the latest, evidence-based answers on using specific drugs during pregnancy and lactation. The InfantRisk Center also has a new Facebook page you can “like” until the call center goes live in Spring 2010.

We’ve talked extensively about and bemoaned the lack of breastfeeding training that pediatricians get in medical school. So what happens when a breastfeeding curriculum is designed and implemented? Not surprisingly, according to a study published this week in Pediatrics, exclusive breastfeeding rates go up. The idea of breastfeeding training for pediatricians doesn’t have to be a dream, as the curriculum is currently available for free on the AAP’s website.

This week, all of our amazing Babes kept us in the top 200 for the Chase Community Giving great and we are thisclose to securing a $20,000 donation for Best for Babes! Keep the votes coming, suggest us to your friends and followers, and help us to keep fighting those booby traps!

Finally, this week we asked you on Facebook if you held on to your freezer stash of breast milk after your baby weaned and you gave us some great ideas for ways to use the milk before it expires! You were overheard saying…

Cecilia Mitchell Miller If you aren’t going to give it to a baby, find someone local who makes soap. Breastmilk makes great soap!

Michelle Montalto Adams
I donated about a 150 oz of breastmilk to a milk bank after my son weaned.

Kate Majestic I’ve found a new use for it…. a deep conditioner for your hair! Someone recommended it to me and I tried it this weekend and had awesome results! who knew?!

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