Give Kourtney Kardashian Kudos on Blogging About Breastfeeding for

Hotly followed reality star Kourtney Kardashian is now writing a regular blog for’s Mom & Babies and we’re thrilled about it! 

In writing about traveling with baby Mason, Kourtney expresses every new mother’s anxiety:

At first, I was scared to travel with him. I’m sure every parent goes through it. You don’t know how your baby will be — what if he gets sick or his ears hurt from the pressure in the cabin? One travel tip I got from my doctor: He told me to nurse Mason during take off and landing. He also recommended I put some breast milk in Mason’s nose because it has antibodies that can help keep him from catching a cold on the flight.

Kourtney Kardashian & Mason, courtesy of

We love that Kourtney comes across as down to earth, and relates to expecting and new mothers, and doesn’t shy away from using this platform to share breastfeeding tips!   For months now she has been systematically weaving her breastfeeding experience and tips into her tweets and her interviews with the press; sharing that it is “one of her favorite things.”    This is exactly what moms need; to see nursing as a natural part of life that has its ups and downs and challenges, but comes with a lot of perks and is ultimately extremely rewarding.   In the case of flying with a baby, it is down right convenient as there is less to carry, breastfeeding helps babies ears adjust to cabin pressure without over-feeding, and it keeps baby calm so other passengers can enjoy the flight too.  

As is evident from the 103 comments on her post, Kourtney Kardashian has a remarkable opportunity to do more for breastfeeding than a whole bunch of government campaigns . . . she can help de-sensitize the squeamish (umm, she tasted her breastmilk), normalize breastfeeding in the public eye, and educate expecting and new moms, parents, siblings, grandparents . . . all through the highly visible media outlets.  With her celebrity star-power, perhaps one day no mother will be kicked off a plane for breastfeeding

Please tell thank you for publishing Kourtney Kardashian’s breastfeeding tips and that we want more!    Let them know that she is educating moms and boosting their confidence so that more moms and babies can benefit from the amazing health, economic and environmental gifts of breastfeeding.    ( Important note:  Even though many of you will notice and protest that Similac sponsors the Moms & Babies column, please keep your comments focused on the positive.   We believe that we should reward for moving in the right direction first, and we are also very grateful that  has graciously helped spread the word about our exclusive breastfeeding interviews with Gabrielle Reece, Kelly Rutherford and Alysia Reiner.   Whenever links to our interview we get hundreds or thousands of more hits on the story which means that we can reach and educate thousands of more people—there are some terrific breastfeeding-friendly editors working at and we need them!   Our hope is that eventually we can have a conversation with about the WHO Code and help them find a more suitable sponsor that is truly helping moms and babies start out healthy . . . a sponsor that is not undermining parent’s informed feeding decisions and is not violating the World Health Organization’s International Code that protects moms and babies.   For now, however, let’s focus on acknowledging for including breastfeeding in their celebrity stories, and for working with Best for Babes!)   Celebrity breastfeeding stories are critical to educating the mainstream and bringing about the cultural acceptance that we need so that all moms can achieve their personal breastfeeding goals.  With millions of readers daily, has an incredible opportunity to build on this trend and support the 86% of expecting moms who intend to breastfeed, and who are desperately trying to overcome the booby traps and follow the advice of the American Academy of Pediatrics to nurse exclusively for at least six months. 

You can write at  or leave a comment on their Facebook fan page.   You can also leave a comment on Kourtney’s post where she shares her breastfeeding tips . . . and please ask her to do an interview with Best for Babes!  We’d love to hear more about her breastfeeding tribulations and triumphs and be able to share them in greater depth with our readers, along with our resources and tips as certified lactation counselors.   

Thank you for helping us put positive pressure on the “booby traps” by acknowleding media outlets that report on breastfeeding responsibly.

14 thoughts on “Give Kourtney Kardashian Kudos on Blogging About Breastfeeding for

  1. Kourtney has an AWESOME pediatrician for giving her such great advice!!! I often squirted breastmilk in my babies’ eyes and noses to keep them from getting sick when they were exposed to other people. It truly does help, and more moms should be aware of breastmilk’s antibiotic properties. It’s antiviral, too. It truly is a gift from God and the more mothers who are aware of breastfeeding’s benefits, the healthier our kids will be!


  2. I was unaware (and never thought of) using breast milk in that way! It makes complete sense but never crossed my mind. Just reading this little part of the article was great! Can’t wait to read more.


  3. Thank you Kourtney!!!! Breastfeeding is such an amazingly rewarding experience and you are such an influential person that you will no doubt make a huge difference by openly sharing your experiences!!! Mason is so lucky to have a Mommy who is will to give so much of herself so that he can get the best chance at a healthy immune system!!! Yay for breastfeeding!!!


  4. Thank you for shining a positive light on breast feeding!

    And Kudo’s to Kourtney for using her celebrity status for a fantastic cause! I bet there are lots of new mommies out there who would breast feed just because she does (and I don’t know if that’s good or bad! lol), but it’s great to see good breast feeding publicity and encouragement!


  5. I know that this is crazy, but we just got cable and JUST saw a few episodes of the show, so it was on my mind and last night I was thinking of trying to contact her to commend her for being so open about her breastfeeding. I also saw parts of the episode when she delivered Mason, just the part when he came out. I LOVED that she wanted to catch him, so awesome.


  6. What I love is she has 4 sisters that she is setting the pace for too. Two of which are also celebrities in their own right and two that are younger. Good for Kourtney!


  7. Wonderful! I reposted in my site. I love seeing the bfing movement spread and come back to how things should be. NATURAL!!! Going 12 months strong with my son and hope to continue to 24 months. Lactavist all the way.


  8. I really can appreciate celebrities that promote breastfeeding as Kourtney is doing. It’s not easy for all moms to breastfeed but having role models that women can look up to and relate to helps. Her breastfeeding tips were right on, btw.


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