Weekly Update 5/22: Stem cells in breast milk, Contraceptives & breastfeeding mothers and new BfB wrap!

By Elita of Blacktating.com for the Best for Babes Foundation ©2010

This week started off with a bang when a writer for the Better Homes and Gardens blog posted a piece on the Ten Commandments of Dining with Little Kids. The author, Heather W., who is not a mom, suggested that women who are breastfeeding should “take it to the restroom.” So many were outraged at the idea that a baby should eat in the toilet that within a few hours the page was flooded with comments, telling Heather W. what she could do with her suggestions. Thankfully, the Better Homes and Gardens blog Editor quickly issued an apology and the article was removed. A new article filled with useful tips, written by real moms, replaced it.

Researchers discovered a few years ago that breast milk contains stem cells and now doctors in India have isolated the cells and say they have the ability to differentiate into different cells. Imagine what new stem cell therapies are around the corner!

Are you a Spanish-speaking mom seeking breastfeeding information and support? Join Mother’s Utopia’s weekly breastfeeding Twitter party called Club de Lactancia, every Wednesday at 8 PM. The chat is completely in Spanish and your questions will be answered by an IBCLC. The hash tag for the party is #lactancia.

Want to send a pregnant friend or new mom information on the benefits of the breastfeeding? Our very own Danielle Rigg has created a fantastic list of some lesser known and amazing facts about breast milk and breastfeeding called Mom-Made Wonder Food. The document, which includes citations, can be printed out and kept handy for when you need some extra inspiration or want to dazzle friends and family with the magic of mother’s milk!

Babes, how long after the birth of your baby did you go back on birth control? Most moms I knew waited until their milk supply was well-established before beginning hormonal birth control, but new CDC guidelines suggest that the benefits of beginning birth control immediately outweigh the risks. According to the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine these new recommendations “ignore basic facts about how breastfeeding works.” The ABM has asked the CDC to change their recommendations, and in the meantime you can follow ABMs protocol for contraception and breastfeeding.

Are you in the market for a new wrap? Best for Babes has teamed up with Moby Wrap to create a baby carrier embroidered with our logo. Proceeds from the sales of the gorgeous wrap will benefit Best for Babes.

On our Facebook fan page this week, we asked for your tips on breastfeeding while babywearing and you were overheard saying:

Usha Tunnell Nurse in a tummy to tummy position, there is no need to move into the cradle position. Untie the wrap, loosen to lower baby to breast lever and retie. Bust out the breast and help baby to latch.

Beth Shupp-George The best tip I got for us well-endowed gals is to pull the breast out over the top of the bra, if possible, rather than unhooking it.

Heather Farley Tips: PRACTICE! I found that if I had the baby’s head on the side of the sling that didn’t go over my shoulder, she would nurse better.

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