This Mother’s Day, Donate to BfB for Free!

May 9, 2010 by Amy West

Donate to Best for Babes…for free? How does that work?!

All you have to do is “like” our Facebook page!

It really is that easy!  Five fabulous companies have partnered with Best for Babes, each pledging $500.  That means for every new “like” Best for Babes receives on Facebook from May 9th – 22nd, a dollar will be donated – up to $2,500!

2,500 new “likes” on Facebook = $2,500 for Best for Babes!

The theme of our event is “Moms Helping Moms.”  All you have to do to help another mom this Mother’s Day is share our page with her.  By doing that, you’re offering her support, empowerment, evidence-based information, and help with Beating the Booby Traps!  We think that’s a pretty awesome Mother’s Day gift.

How can you help?  Here’s how:

1 new “like” = $1.00

If you already “like” our page, thank you! The next step is to recommend our page to your friends!

If you don’t already like our page, head over and “like” us, and that’s it – a dollar will be donated!

That’s all there is to it:  Best for Babes gets a new “like” and a dollar is donated – up to a total of $2,500.  This event runs from May 9th (Mother’s Day) through May 22nd.

We’re counting on you to rally your friends and support our Facebook page, Babes!

These awesome partners are making this event possible with their generous donations:

A Mother’s Boutique
A Mother’s Boutique is focused on helping new mothers breastfeed by providing all of the tools that new mothers need in one convenient location. Based out of Pittsburgh, A Mother’s Boutique provides expectant and nursing mothers with a unique, personalized approach. We carry everything you need to prepare for pregnancy and nursing: clothing for maternity and breastfeeding, nursing bras, breast pumps, slings, accessories and more. Visit our online store or our new showroom to find out why our selection and service are exactly what a busy mom deserves!

Doula Stephanie
Stephanie Watson-Campbell worked in the pharmaceutical industry for 11 years before becoming a birth and postpartum doula, childbirth educator, happiest baby on the block educator, child passenger safety technician and lactation counselor.  Stephanie is dedicated to her work with families during this exciting time and has a genuine passion for all aspects of pregnancy, birth, and welcoming baby.

Milkies Milk-Savers
Founded by nurses who were also nursing moms, Milkies celebrates breastfeeding. The Milkies Milk-Saver supports a strong milk supply by keeping your baby on the breast while collecting an additional 4-8 ounces of breast milk each day!

MoBoleez designs and manufactures a fun line of breastfeeding hats, designed to allow new moms to breastfeed in style and confidence! MoBoleez hats are unique, one-of-kind alternatives to a bulky nursing cover, and are sold in quality retail outlets nationwide and online at MoBoleez was founded by Diane Sam, a well-known breastfeeding advocate and former family counsellor, with the vision of celebrating and supporting new moms.

The idea for PumpEase™ popped into my head after I had my first daughter and wanted to multi-task while pumping.  My goal has always been to make nursing moms’ lives easier (and a bit more stylish) and PumpEase™ was designed to do exactly that.  PumpEase™ is the world’s ONLY fashionable hands-free pumping bra – holding mom’s breast pump in place securely and comfortably and giving her the freedom to do other things while pumping!  Does it matter that it is pretty if you will rarely, if ever be seen in it?  Considering the 9.6 billion dollar lingerie industry, in which over 80% of purchases are made by women, I would say so!

Happy Mother’s Day, Babes!

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