Hot Moms Club & Divalysscious Moms Support Breastfeeding

By chance I heard about a fun party in Manhattan last night, a book signing for the “Hot Moms To Be Handbook” by Jessica Denay and “Bachelorette” Trista Sutter, held at the Paul LaBrecque Salon on East 65th Street.   Shari Criso, IBCLC, CNM who helps out at our #bfcafe twitter party and who co-wrote two chapters of the book, clued me in and encouraged me to go.   Our good friend Liza Elliott-Ramirez, President of Expecting Models, one of the sponsors for the event, put me on the jam-packed RSVP list, doll that she is!  (We still owe a huge debt of gratitude to Liza for donating the gorgeous “covergirl” photo that graces our webpage and postcards, as the only modeling agency representing both expecting and breastfeeding models (and as a former breastfeeding mom), she was immediately in love with our vision of giving breastfeeding a makeover and bringing some style and appealing images to the cause.)  As a former Manhattanite I relished the chance to go in and have a little fun while getting the scoop on breastfeeding on the upper East Side. 

Before hitting the book party I checked out the Yummy Mummy Store on the Upper East Side and met the owner Amanda Cole.   What a beautiful, tastefully edited store dedicated to the breastfeeding mom!   I enjoyed getting her lowdown on the best products for nursing moms and of course was thrilled when she raved about the Pumpease hands-free nursing bra . . . little did she know that they are a trusted sponsor of Best for Babes;  not only is founder Wendy Armbruster Bell helping moms with a useful and stylish pumping necessity, but she is boosting the cause too so that more moms can achieve their personal breastfeeding goals!   The staff and store were lovely all in all and it was great to connect with another mom passionate about helping moms. 

BfB Co-founder Bettina and Jessica Denay, Author & Founder of Hot Moms Club

I got to the LaBrecque Salon a little early so I got to meet Jessica Denay, the founder of the Hot Moms Club.   She was gracious and lovely, and must be full of energy because she seems to be everywhere, including Pregnancy Awareness Month (we are participating again this year!).   Andi Silverman of Mama Knows Breast introduced me to Divalysscious Moms founder Lyss Stern who is also the editor-in-chief of the New York Observer’s Playground Magazine–a mag we will be checking out for breastfeeding style!  I chatted nursing tips with moms who were getting pampered courtesy of the salon, and heard a common refrain:  “I wish I’d known with my first what I knew with my second” — well that’s where Best for Babes comes in, ladies, tell your expecting friends about the Learning Curve and Get Your Best Game On!   I met @TheBabyGuyNYC in person (we’ve exchanged nipple butter on #bfcafe) the lovely Scandinavian ladies from Lillebaby (Scandinavians get breastfeeding, um, can you say 79% still nursing at 6 months?), and then Liza roped me in for an impromptu interview with Andi Silverman and Shari Criso about breastfeeding.

A “Hot Mom” Conversation with Jessica Denay at her NYC “The Hot Mom to be Handbook” event from Joe Criso on Vimeo.

What I enjoyed most about the event was cheering moms on.   I love telling moms that we support them to achieve their personal breastfeeding goals, whether that is 2 days, 2 months or 2 years; and seeing their faces relax and their smiles brighten.   I love meeting moms who want to be the best moms they can be but insist on squeezing a little style and a night out with the girls into their lives.   Personally I can not function as a mom or as a wife without my girlfriends.   I would love to see Hot Moms Club join us in giving breastfeeding a makeover and help their members see  that for breastfeeding  that you can be nurturing, nursing, and glamorous too!  If maternity is HOT (and has blossomed into a burgeoning industry) then let’s do what Demi Moore, Liz Lange, Gwyneth Paltrow, et al. have done for pregnancy and do it for breastfeeding, ’cause, well, we think breastfeeding is even hotter!  🙂  

Here’s a fun video of the event (love the music!), produced by Michael Jurick should give you a good flavor of the evening.   Thanks, gals, for a great night out!

4 thoughts on “Hot Moms Club & Divalysscious Moms Support Breastfeeding

  1. What a fabulous event! Bettina you and Daniel have inspired so many Expecting Models to nurse their babies and do it with pride. Best For Babes is a powerful organization that stands firm for what is maternally normal. I remember pulling out my breast in NYC’S finest #6 Train to nurse my daughter. She was hungry, crying, and I was engorged.

    One great thing about vision is, if you disagree, You have a choice to look the other way! Right on:-) Keep up the great work- Keep those positive messages rolling!!!

    Liza Elliott-Ramirez
    Expecting Models


  2. What a great (and packed!) event! If anybody would be able to start a trend, it would be those new moms and moms-to-be at Hot Moms Club! We look forward to working with you to promote this great cause.

    Liza; I just figured out where some of those gorgeous women came from: they are part of Expectant Models (thanks for the link, Bettina).

    Lisbeth Lehan


  3. It was a blast! I’m so honored to know Bettina and Daniel, collectively, we have latched on to each other! No Pun Intended!

    Thanks for always supporting Expecting Models and our EM Nursing Moms!

    With Love,


  4. Shari and I had an amazing time with you, Bettina, celebrating Jessica’s special day with so many cool people!

    FYI…We created a special video of you, Shari, Liza, Andi, & Jessica talking about breastfeeding and motherhood…we posted it on Shari’s video blog…here’s the link!:

    We’re looking forward to hosting this Thursday’s #bfcafe event and have some great advice and gifts to give away! 😉

    Joe aka Shari’s MbM (“Man behind the Babe/Boob”)


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