Submit Best for Babes for Michelle Obama’s!!

Call to action for all mamas &  “booby-trap” fighters!   5 minutes can make a difference!

We just found out that today is the last day to submit comments on how the Childhood Obesity Task Force should write its action plan to end the problem of childhood obesity in this country.    The Childhood Obesity Task Force is part of the Let’s Move! campaign which will be headed up by Michelle Obama.  Breastfeeding needs to be part of this plan, even the New York Times agrees; pointing out that interventions aimed at school age children are “too little, too late”!!

Please read this and click here to submit a comment urging the task force to include Best for Babes.   Here is a suggestion for your comment:

Dear Childhood Obesity Task Force:

I am urging you to include the Best for Babes Foundation in the Let’s Move Campaign because Best for Babes is the only mainstream non-profit that is using positive messages and tools to break down the barriers–the “Booby Traps”–that keep moms from making and carrying out healthy feeding choices.   Best for Babes cheers on, coaches and celebrates ALL moms, whether they breastfeed or not, without pressure, judgment and guilt, and believes that the 86% of expecting mothers who WANT to breastfeed deserve to achieve their personal feeding goals, whether that is to breastfeed for 2 days, 2 months or 2 years.  They have developed an innovative, social entrepreneurship strategy to inspire, prepare and empower moms, change the public perception of breastfeeding, and put positive pressure on the “booby traps”–the many barriers that keep moms from succeeding and giving themselves and their babies the healthiest start in life.  Low breastfeeding rates costs $13 billion annually in pediatric illnesses alone, and billions more in maternal illness and negative environmental and economic outcomes.   Best for Babes is harnessing the power of celebrities, the clout of  corporations, foundations, the medical community, fashion, advertising and the media to change the way our culture views and supports moms and babies!   Thank you for your consideration.

Please post this to your Facebook page, your Facebook Fan Page, on Twitter (follow us:, send an email to your contacts, anything you can do to help us spread the word WILL make a difference!    

Let’s show the government that the voices of millions of mothers who wanted to breastfeed and who were booby-trapped COUNT . . . and let them hear from the voices of their friends, family members, partners and colleagues who watched mothers and babies suffer unnecessarily, believe in the Best for Babes Credo, and feel as we do that ALL mothers want the best for their babies, and deserve respect, support, information or tools whether they breastfeed, pump breastmilk, feed donated human milk or feed an accepted substitute.  An empowered mom . . . a loved mom . . . is a better mom!

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for helping us help moms and babies.


Bettina & Danielle

Co-Founders, The Best for Babes Foundation

9 thoughts on “Submit Best for Babes for Michelle Obama’s!!

  1. I submitted Best for Babes to the Let’s Move Campaign! Breastfeeding should ABSOLUTELY be a part of this plan! I selected the pillar “Empowering Parents” since that’s what Best for Babes does….empowers, respects and supports ALL moms to feel confident in the decisions they make.

    Thanks Bettina and Danielle!


  2. I think this would be a terrific addition to Michelle Obama’s plan! Starting children on a path to good nutrition and good health is best started on day one, and there are a LOT of moms out there who still lack the education and support to achieve their breastfeeding goals! Keep up the good work!


  3. I submitted, and here’s what I said.

    Dear Childhood Obesity Task Force:

    I am urging you to include the Best for Babes Foundation in the Let’s Move Campaign.

    The Best for Babes Foundation seeks to inform and educate. Information is power; education is a key element of the success a mother experiences in building a breastfeeding relationship with her children. This organization represents some of the best support out there for breastfeeding, which has been proven by research to be the ideal form of nutrition for infants. Mothers who breastfeed provide a foundation for nutritional excellence, but often struggle to overcome such hurdles as negative cultural views about breastfeeding, lack of access to suitable milk pumping accommodations in the workplace, and lack of information resources which could enable them to learn better breastfeeding techniques.

    Mothers who cannot overcome these obstacles leave their children open to the risks of formula feeding. I’ve attached a publication from INFACT Canada about these risks, and I urge you to review the research referenced therein. Then, please visit the Best for Babes website (, where the organization’s mission statement is outlined. I’m certain you’ll see the benefits of including positively framed breastfeeding messages in the Let’s Move campaign.

    Thank you for considering my request, and for your efforts in making our nation’s children healthier.

    Erinn Streeter


  4. I breast fed my babies 25 and 30 years ago. It was not only healthier but much cheaper. I truly believe they started out with better health than what I see today. My new daughter in law is breast feeding her first child and she is seldom sick. A great way to start life
    Why would we not put this in a plan start right from the beginning.


  5. Of course it should be included. It is best for babies to be eating what they SHOULD be eating, not what they COULD be eating. Children matter more than what is “easier”, or “convenient”. All of this proccessed, fake, crap food has to go.


    1. Unfortunately, not every woman can breastfeed, and some do not want to breastfeed. We believe that all moms should be respected, cheered on, coached & celebrated, regardless of how they decide to feed their babies. We truly believe that all moms want the best for their babies, and for those that can not or don’t want to breastfeed, are championing the availability of screened, donated, pasteurized human milk, and if that is not available, acceptable, properly handled, organic breastmilk substitutes made by companies that do not violate the WHO Code.


  6. This is what I submitted last night. Thanks for the heads up regarding the deadline!

    Please include the Best for Babes Foundation in the Let’s Move campaign’s efforts to end the childhood obesity epidemic. Breastfeeding plays a critical role in diminishing a child’s risk for obesity and moms need to be supported. Best for Babes is helping moms breastfeed by offering crucial non-judgmental support and information. They are inspiring celebrities and organizations to support and represent the cause. They support all moms in the process whether they breastfeed or not. The founders of Best for Babes, Bettina Forbes and Danielle Rigg, really understand what is needed to bring breastfeeding into the mainstream. In order to have an impact on obesity we need to change behaviors and attitudes and find ways to bring healthy choices, including breastfeeding, into the mainstream. We need to truly inspire people to make necessary but often difficult changes in their lifestyle. The founders of Best for Babes are women driven by a cause and there is no stopping them; yet they take action and communicate without judgment and speak in a language supportive of all moms and families. These are the type of people you want working on your campaign and Best for Babes’ image is one that can only inspire and already has inspired so many.


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