#Bfcafe 3/11/10, 10pm EST: Weaning & Nursing Strikes; Earth Mama Angel Baby Giveaway

 We hope you will join us for tonight’s #bfcafe–the fastest growing twitter party where expecting and new mothers can be cheered on, find breastfeeding support, evidence-based information and resources, and be entered to win a hot giveaway!     

When & Where:  Thursday, March 11, 2010 at 10-11 p.m. EST  on Twitter (and every Thursday!) 

How to join the party: Although I use tweetdeck.com for every day, I found that www.tweetgrid.com works best for twitter parties, as it allows you to follow the hosts (@bestforbabes & @zealandsmom) and automatically includes the hashtag #bfcafe.  All you need to join the party is include that hashtag in all your tweets.   

How to enter to win a giveaway:  To win one of the fabulous giveaways, you need to RSVP at this blog:http://zealandsmom.blogspot.com/2010/03/earth-mama-angel-baby-bfcafe-sponsor.html.  

Topic:  Weaning & Nursing Strikes:  What is weaning?  When does it happen?  What is baby-led vs. mother-led weaning?   What is a nursing strike and do babies wean themselves before they are a year old?  What tools and strategies are available to mothers who have to wean unexpectedly? 

Shari Criso, RN, CNM, IBCLC

Featured Expert*: Shari Criso, RN, CNM, IBCLC of www.mybabyexperts.com and www.ShariCriso.com; ;Shari Criso is the new breastfeeding expert for Babies ‘R Us; and has helped hundreds of mothers breastfeed successfully, as well as personally delivering over 600 babies. Along with her husband and business partner Joe Criso (who is an awesome dude and super supporter of breastfeeding) she founded the Birth Boutique, a 5,000-square-foot specialty store and learning center for new and expectant parents based in Denville, NJ.  The Birth Boutique was voted best baby store by New Jersey Monthly magazine in 2009.  Shari Criso was named Mom Entrepreneur of the Year at the 2009 Mom’s Choice Awards.  In addition to her game-changing DVD “Simply Breastfeeding” and her CD “Breastpumps and Briefcases”; Shari is answering mom’s questions and providing valuable know-how on her video blog, www.sharicriso.com. We are thrilled to have her as a regular guest expert on #bfcafe!

Courtesy of Earth Mama Angel Baby, do NOT steal this lovely image or you will turn into cow dung.
Image courtesy of Earth Mama Angel Baby. EMAB is a proud ongoing sponsor of Best for Babes

Featured Sponsor:   Earth Mama Angel Baby

Earth Mama Angel Baby makes premium products that are all natural, pure, and support mother and babies through pregnancy, labor, postpartum, c-section recovery, breastfeeding, mama & baby care, and even the loss of a baby.  All products are cruelty-free, certified vegan, kosher, and 100% free from toxic ingredients–that means no Quaternium-15, 1,4-Dioxane, formaldehyde, phthalates, petrochemicals, parabens, SLS, artificial preservatives, artificial fragrances or dyes. 

  Earth Mama Angel Baby is a proud sponsor of the Best for Babes Foundation, and have generously supported our work so we can help more moms and babies.   We are pleased to announce that we will be celebrating with a surprise giveaway from Best for Babes for tomorrow night’s giveaway.   To enter the giveaway, please RSVP at  ZealandsMom’s blog 

If you are interested in being a featured expert or resource of #bfcafe, please email bettina@bestforbabes.org.  If you are interested in being a featured sponsor of #bfcafe, please email yahoo.comdaniellecwann@ 

  *Please use good judgment when participating on twitter.  While we strive to provide evidence-based information and resources, conversations on twitter are in no way intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition and are not a substitute for an in-person evaluation by a qualified, independent Internationally Board-Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) or your breastfeeding-knowledgeable physician.   


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