Partner Spotlight: Earth Mama Angel Baby

EMAB-Organics-logo-2007Starting a non-profit is no easy thing, so we are glad to have a guardian angel:  Earth Mama Angel Baby.  We love them and want to tell you why.

In the wake of recall after recall and unsafe chemicals making the news on a regular basis, it’s hard to find companies we can really trust.  As moms, we want to do right by our babies and give them the best that we possibly can. On the other hand, we don’t have time to read and research every ingredient, on every label, every time we need something.

With Earth Mama Angel Baby, there’s nothing to second-guess and you don’t have to read any labels to know that you’re getting safe, organic products.  All EMAB products are 100% toxin-free, cruelty-free, certified Vegan, and free from all artificial preservatives, fragrances and dyes.  In a nutshell:  products don’t get much safer or more natural for mom and baby.  This is a company you can trust, one that’s truly Babe-Worthy, and we’re proud to have them as a sponsor.

Danielle, EMAB Founder Melinda Olson, Bettina
Danielle, EMAB Founder Melinda Olson, Bettina at ABC Kids Expo in Vegas ’09

Getting safe, natural products (and the peace of mind that comes from that) is great, but EMAB doesn’t stop there.  It’s not even their efforts to use eco-friendly packaging that makes them so great (but we like that, too!). What makes this company stand out is their devotion to motherhood – in all its forms.  EMAB supports all phases of motherhood, from conception to babyhood, as well as in times of loss.  Their commitment to supporting moms, naturally and holistically, goes way beyond customer service.  This is a company born out of caring, and they really do want what’s best for moms and their babies.

Their above-and-beyond efforts shine through. Need something to quell your morning sickness or something to pamper a pregnant friend?  They’ve got it.  Seeking something to make labor or postpartum recovery a bit more bearable?  You’ve found it.  EMAB even has products and a website devoted to supporting moms in times of loss—last month was Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month, and they were up front, doling out comfort and caring. They do it all, and they do it all-naturally, which is a beautiful thing.

And of course, EMAB has a fantastic line of breastfeeding products!  As we all know (some of us, too well), breastfeeding doesn’t always go smoothly or come easily.  EMAB offers some great products to help beat the Booby Traps. Their Breastfeeding Support Kit includes everything a new mom needs to help her (and her newly milk-tastic boobs!) through breastfeeding.  The kit includes EMAB’s Natural Nipple Butter, Booby Tubes, Bosom Buddies, and Milkmaid Tea – everything necessary to address any soreness or discomfort, boost milk supply (when needed), and keep nipples in feeding shape.  And for the mom that’s ready to stop breastfeeding (perhaps because she was “booby trapped”!) , or for the mom who can’t breastfeed (rare, but you can’t argue with a mastectomy) or decides not to breastfeed, there’s also No More Milk Tea.  Giving up nursing can be a heartbreaking experience and we are grateful that this wonderful tea can soothe mom’s bodies, boobs and spirits.

We’re thrilled to have EMAB as a corporate partner and love all the wonderful support they provide to mamas. They’re a great company through and through.   They fiercely uphold the World Health Organization’s International Code on Marketing Breastmilk Substitutes, and they are generous too:  A portion of the proceeds from each Breastfeeding Support Kit goes to Best for Babes.  Next time you are looking for the perfect  Babe gift– baby shower or new mother, keep Earth Mama Angel Baby in mind!

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