My Favorite Breastfeeding Video of All Time

Okay, folks, this video is not for the faint of heart.  It is way too RACY for U.S. audiences, and I am secretly hoping that some fabulous producer will work with us to create one that is appropriate for the U.S. culture.

But this is a feast for the eyes, stunningly beautiful,  inspiring,  gorgeous, provocative . . . it blurs all the hard, discriminating lines that our culture is trying to draw around us moms like a cruel iron cage.    Who says you can’t breastfeed and be sexy?   Who says you can’t be glamourous and nurturing at the same time?    WHO SAYS YOU CAN’T BE A COMPLEX, RADIANT WOMAN, A GODDESS IN ALL YOUR GLORY????

We say YOU CAN.  We say that you don’t need to breastfeed in a closet, or be ashamed of your beautiful body, no matter what it looks like.   (All bodies are beautiful and glorious, no matter the size of the nipples, bellies or butts, being used the way they were meant to be used, making, birthing, and breastfeeding babies!)  You can cover up while breastfeeding or not, we don’t care, we think it’s beautiful either way.   YES, We say that you can breastfeed and be sexy.   Yes, we say you can satisy your baby AND your partner (though probably not at the same time, LOL).   Yes, you can breastfeed a newborn and breastfeed a toddler, just like Kelly Rutherford did, and yes you are fabulous!!   YES.  You can do it, and we will help you, so you can be all the woman and mother that you are!

Thanks to the inspiration by Phdinparenting who posted another beautiful video worth watching.

3 thoughts on “My Favorite Breastfeeding Video of All Time

  1. Hope you are happy to receive some constructive criticism…

    I’m from the UK and don’t find the video too racy at all. I don’t think it helps your cause to put it in that context either (your antagonists will take care of that for you!). I appreciate you have 2 paragraphs about how wonderful the video is but i think the opening 2 sentences validate the aversion society has to breastfeeding in general. Maybe if I was from the US I’d see it differently, though I think the image breastfeeding has on both sides of the pond is fairly similar.

    Keep up the good work, love the blogs and your vision.


    1. thank you for your comment! We always appreciate constructive criticism. I’ve spent a lot of time in Europe, and must say that I think that the U.S. is way more squeamish about breastfeeding in general. In trying to change the culture, I think we need to validate where people are at right now . . . our culture is definitely not comfortable seeing nipples or toddlers nursing, for example, and before I co-founded Best for Babes, I thought nursing was weird and gross! I guess I am really trying to challenge viewers to examine their own cultural barriers and perception. And why let the antagonists be the one to react and thereby control the message? When we give a balanced view, we take the wind out of their sails.


  2. I must admit that I completely agree with Bettina. I love this video. I have traveled quite a bit throughout Europe as well and I must agree that the US is not as progressive in its views on breastfeeding, especially breastfeeding toddlers. I could barely get anyone to understand why I wanted to breastfeed my daughter for an entire year let alone beyond. I am so grateful of the successful efforts your organization is making to give breastfeeding a much needed make-over in this country.


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