Rebecca Romijn Breastfeeding Twins

In her first interview since giving birth to twin girls Charlie and Dolly four months ago, Rebecca Romijn reveals to Extra that her secret to losing weight is breastfeeding.   She’s pretty candid that with nursing twins, she hasn’t “been able to work out that much . . . It’s impossible to get back into a regular schedule.”    She goes on to admit that she is not back in shape, but what’s great is that she doesn’t seem to care. 

It’s also so awesome that Ms. Romijn is breastfeeding twins, especially at 4 months.  The best thing a mom who is expecting a duo can do is meet with a lactation consultant and get prepared.  For some tips on how to succeed with twins, see our contribution to the Celebrity Baby Blog story on Angelina Jolie, and for a good laugh, read Double Trouble by Suzanne Schlosberg.   Guaranteed you will have a new appreciation for Ms. Romijn and all moms who have tried–and/or succeeded–with nursing twins!

We’re thrilled that Ms. Romijn is so open about the fact that she is breastfeeding, because celebrities can really help lessen the cultural squeamishness around nursing.   I was one of those people who was uncomfortable seeing a mother nursing, most likely because it was so rare.   When celebrities share that they are nursing it helps desensitize us.   It can even be a clever way to sway your mother or mother-in-law who would feel more comfortable if you didn’t breastfeed.   If the subject comes up (again), try casually mentioning that Gwyneth Paltrow, Kelly Ripa and ____________ (insert the name of her favorite celebrity that you happen to know breastfed here) and perhaps she’ll change her perspective a little bit!    For the latest updates on breastfeeding celebrities, check out the breastfeeding page at

Have you ever “name-dropped” a breastfeeding celeb?

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