Welcome to the Boob Tube!

Thank you for tuning in to “The Boob Tube,” the official blog of the Best for Babes Foundation (BfB) — the first of its kind one-stop shop for the hip and savvy new mom who is breastfeeding or considering breastfeeding.  Our blog is just one of the ways that BFB is helping set you up for breastfeeding success by setting the record straight about everything from accurate know-how to the latest research on benefits to must-have breastfeeding products.  First, a little more about who we are:  Babes for Breastfeeding knows that new moms don’t need more pressure or more guilt! We are on your side, Babe!  Too many new moms start out nursing and then quit because they are not getting the help they need to succeed, still others are reluctant to try at all because of squeamishness, concern about their ability to breastfeed, or outright fear from the stories they hear about botched breastfeeding experiences.  Sadly, most of those difficulties are completely avoidable with the right guidance and help.  BFB is here to finally end the unfortunate trend of new mothers being urged to breastfeed and set up to fail.BFB’s mission is to inspire, prepare and empower all women to breastfeed successfully and to feel fabulous about it.  We will be bringing you positive and inspiring images and messages, great celebrity role-models, and smart info on how to get ahead of the game.  We’ll also be giving you a heads-up on the best resources, and tips on how to deal with common pitfalls—or “booby traps”, as we like to call them.   We want to help you fit nursing discreetly into your modern, multi-tasking lifestyle, and feel good about yourself and your mom-made wonderfood™–because you, Babe, are giving the best to your babe! Come back often to hear about the latest breastfeeding news and updates, and let us know what you think.  Best to you,Bettina & Danielle



2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Boob Tube!

  1. You ladies rock! Breastfeeding is indeed vitally important for health reasons and for bonding. Historically women were shown how to breastfeed by friends and family but we have little support in today’s fragmented society. Many women feel if they have problems nursing, there is something “wrong” with them as a woman or as a nurturer but they simply need help and support! Thank you for helping women get that so needed support and for inspiring them to persevere when it can be a challenging booby journey.


  2. agreed that breast is best.. I would just like to share that La Leche League really helped me in so many ways learn to nurse but also, like breastfeeding is more than just milk. It is a way to learn to mother your baby.
    They have been working hard for many years to get us where we are today so please don’t forget to include them in your BfB resources


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